C Change develops and delivers programmes aimed at creating good functioning human environments based on the theme of moving from an attitude of a consumer to one of a contributor.



We as individuals don’t just live and work – or as organisations we don’t just offer services or make products – we create the environment around us. Whether these environments are progressive or destructive depends on our attitudes.

C Change explores one particular environment, the human environment, and explores how the attitude of a contributor makes this environment function effectively, whether this environment be in the workplace, the home, the school or social setting.


“The human environment is defined as anywhere there is human interaction. A well functioning human environment is where individuals fulfil their potential, organisations become effective, and society as a whole prospers.” C Change Empowerment

The human environment is not just a physical space but consists of peoples’ mindset, their outlook on the world and their attitude to other human beings. Just as some physical actions can bring about destruction, certain attitudes can bring about dysfunction, while other attitudes can be beneficial.

So, we can say that there are good and bad attitudes just as there are good and bad actions -some that bring about dysfunction and some that bring about prosperity. C Change focuses on nurturing positive attitudes and encourages the participants of the programmes to explore the following themes.

  • What are the attitudes that create dysfunction and resists positive change in a human environment?
  • What attitude is conducive to prosperity?
  • How can we inspire this transformation within individuals, teams, and within an organisation?

Be the change you want to see in the world.”


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