Creating Collaborative Working Environments

Creating Collaborative Working Environments



Creating a Collaborative Environment (four workshops) shares an approach that will assist in transforming how people work within an organisation, and help in nurturing well-functioning working environments.  This team building programme helps to cultivate the unique potential of people in a team. It also creates a culture whereby the vision of investing in the team and creating a caring and empowering environment are the norms. Unlocking potential within each individual member of the team means that organisations can work more efficiently. Managers get the best out of the team when this collaborative environment is operating in their work places. This work will inspire participants with the vision that their work can make a positive contribution, bringing about transformation in individuals, teams and the culture of the organisation.

How does it work?

C-Change proposes a common sense approach which deals with prevalent attitudes within an organisation, exploring which attitudes create an effective and useful organisation, and which undermine it -put another way, which attitudes create a well-functioning working environment, and which lead to dysfunction.   Our approach invites people to explore the mindset and attitudes that they want to see as prevalent in their work culture and wider society, and personally commit to these as individuals. Experience has shown that people become energised as they witness the internal and external benefits that will naturally result from behavior inspired by the positive attitudes. This is a transformative process that motivates all concerned to pull together and create a highly effective, high performing organisation.

Sessions are interactive, with inspiring stories and scenarios to stimulate discussion, reflection and discovery. Individuals and teams will share their own stories of transformation as they progress through the sessions, thereby providing “living evaluation” as a testament to the efficacy of the approach.

A senior Housing Needs officer at Swindon Borough Council said:

“The sessions helped to explain the priorities of Swindon Borough Council because without the right behaviours and attitudes we will not achieve our priorities… In only a short time I have seen the benefits to the team and feel this is a fantastic way of getting the message across to individuals and teams about what the Council are aiming to achieve and how we all play a very important part in making it happen.”


The C Change programme is facilitated by Fidelma Meehan who has been developing and running empowerment programmes in Swindon schools and in the community for nearly 15 years.