The Harbour Project

Projects on 12 Sep , 2014

C Change is currently running the Discovery Zone and Tranquillity Zone (DZTZ) programme at The Harbour Project in Swindon.

The Harbour Project In Swindon




The people who participate in the programme are refugees and asylum seekers who are in contact with the Harbour Project. The Harbour Project was set up to provide a safe haven for refugees and asylum seekers, and  around 700 people from war torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia seek support from the Harbour every year. Between 25 and 45 people seek assistance each day.

The aim of the DZTZ is to empower individuals to make a new start. The Programme is conducted in English with Arabic translation. People who attend daily Harbour drop-in sessions are referred by staff to the programme and will also have the chance to speak to the facilitator beforehand about the potential benefits of the programme.

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This programme has been tried and tested in schools over the past ten years, and more recently piloted in community settings in Swindon. The programme includes the Tranquillity Zone experience, which comprises visualisation, relaxation, music, words and time for reflection on potentially life changing ideas. Empowering themes such as determination, courage and the triumph of the human spirit will be shared in these settings, to inspire hope and resilience in people facing what can often be very traumatic and depressing circumstances. The programme also includes the Discovery Zone workshop which is a space where participants can reflect on the vast potential they possess as human beings, their “gems of inestimable value” – inner qualities and resources that can be developed in themselves to create resilience as they wait for their application for asylum is processed.