The Swindon Foyer Projects

Projects on 1 Jan , 1990


C Change run regular Discovery Zone sessions at The Swindon Foyer in Bath Road Swindon.

The Foyer in Swindon



The overall purpose of the Discovery Zone programme at Swindon Foyer is to inspire a change in attitudes and behaviour among residents who partake of the programme.  The Discovery Zone is an interactive course under the general theme of achieving “movement from a Consumer to a Contributor” . Through the means of discussion, film, the arts and demonstrations participants explore such themes as  latent potential and the power of choice. At C Change we concentrate on nurturing pro-social attitudes and behaviours as a means of reducing antisocial behaviour rather than tackling the anti-social behaviour itself. Put another way, we concentrate on the potential rather than the deficit.

 “Fanning the sparks of good (social) behaviour instead of fighting the flames of bad (anti-social) behaviour” CChange

In 2012, it is estimated that around 50% of residents were involved in anti-social behaviour, including offending and drug abuse. Our programme offers a common sense approach to transformation exploring which attitudes are beneficial to people and which attitudes are harmful.


The work that C Change do at Swindon Foyer started in January 2014 and so far we have seen evidences of the following:


  • A commitment to developing positive attitudes about themselves and others.
  • This in turn gives rise to the desire to be of service and to make a contribution within the Foyer itself, or in the wider community.
  • For some the movement might be an improved relationship with a family member. Other services included organising a live music charity fundraiser;  doing a school assembly; entertaining residents of a local nursing home; a Macmillan Coffee Morning.
  • Able to have meaningful conversations with others about the empowering ideas in the programme and encourage others to attend;
  • Becoming involved in education, training, work or volunteering.